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Everyday We Try to Make People Comfortable, Yesterday I Did Something That Made Me Feel Good

As most of you know, we go into people’s homes every day, hoping to leave the house more comfortable than when we arrived. This is a very satisfying profession. But yesterday, I did something that made me feel really good about myself.

So back up a bit. For the last two years, my daughter and I have been attending a local Tae Kwon Do studio in Gresham. In the beginning, my daughter was training and learning Tae Kwon Do and the respect, discipline, and self control that is a part of this martial art. After a couple of months, I joined and began training also. Originally, my goal was to simply support my daughter and be able to help her along her journey towards a black belt.

Along the way, I discovered that this particular Tae Kwon Do studio is so much more than a martial arts training studio. Master Sam Lider does a wonderful job of creating an inclusive, family environment. This is truly a remarkable place to not only get a workout, but make lots of new friends.

So, what did I do yesterday that made me feel good? Every year, a select few, very dedicated individuals from USWC Gresham earn a position on the tournament team to compete in the US Taekwondo Association Nationals Tournament. The cost to complete in this tournament is quite expensive. All of the travel, lodging, entry fees, equipment, and daily expenses are borne by the competitor and his/her family. Yesterday Hoodview Heating donated $200 towards their goal of $6000.

Why am I telling you all this? Through the end of July, anyone who donates at least $10 towards their goal will receive a $10 credit towards a service, maintenance, or renewal of a maintenance agreement. Either print out your donation receipt, or share your donation on Hoodview’s facebook page.

Here is the link to donate and learn more about the Gresham Tournament Team.

Oh, and full disclosure, while my daughter and I are members of the studio, neither of us are members of the tournament team. So help out, you’ll feel really good about yourself.


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