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Awards from Angie's List!

My Comfort System is Not Working

You have a choice in Heating and Cooling companies, so THANK YOU for considering Hoodview Heating and Air Conditioning. Our goal is to earn your business, your trust, and your loyalty by delivering the greatest service experience you have ever encountered by any trade company, bar none. But first, may we suggest that you should determine if we have the expertise to work on your particular system. Please click on Supported Equipment for a list of equipment that we support.

A lot of companies "talk" service, but we have actually put a brief description of what you can expect in writing. The following information will help explain what you can expect from us – beginning to end! Please click on the tabs to discover the steps we take to ensure we meet your every need.

Click I’d Like to Schedule the Perfect Service Experience to request a repair appointment.

Lori, or her substitute if she’s busy, will answer the phone and you will hear the smile in her voice. If nobody answers during regular business hours (we all know it happens) you can expect a return phone call in 15 minutes for an emergency. If you leave a message indicating a specific time for a return phone call, we will return your phone call at that time. She will also address any questions prior to scheduling your repair appointment.

Your repair person will be scheduled to arrive within a two hour time frame that fits your schedule and needs (not the technician’s, not the traffic, not lunch breaks, not the phases of the moon, or any other such nonsense).

Once your repair technician arrives, we may ask you questions to help us pinpoint the problem. Just like your doctor, we may ask you to describe your system’s “ailment”.

You may see us use various measuring, metering, or adjustment tools. (You’re welcome to watch.) Your system is, well, a system of inter-dependent parts. If one breaks or underperforms, your entire system suffers…right along with your comfort.

Our goal is your goal: To perform the right diagnosis and procedure to get your system running smoothly again!
We charge a predefined “diagnostic” fee which covers the value of driving to your home within the committed time, listening to your description of the symptoms, and performing a complete analysis of your comfort system.

You will be informed of the results of the diagnostic testing. The repair person will discuss each item with you, to whatever level of detail you desire. Each test performed will have the results classified into one of three color coded categories (unlike the Department of Homeland Security, we only have three colors – Green = OK or Yellow = May Need Attention Soon or Red = Immediate Attention Required.

After the diagnostic analysis has been explained to you, the repair person will give you an “Up Front Price” for each item, which means you’re given a repair price before we start the job. You either approve or decline.

Bottom Line: Unlike some others, you won’t “guess” what your comfort will cost with us!
Communicate with us!

Whether you like our work or not, let us know. You will be receiving a Customer Satisfaction Survey and an Angie’s List report form. We value your input and would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete the survey(s) and submit. Customer feedback is one of the most important things that help us to continually improve our performance.

We’d also love to deliver satisfaction to your friends and neighbors, so spread the word! In fact, we have created a Referral Rewards Program for just this purpose.

Don’t get us wrong… we want to hear from you! But if we can save you from an unnecessary call (and the fee that goes with it) that’s good for us both.

Dirty Secret – The Number 1 reason for service problems is dirt and lack of maintenance! So a Seasonal Tune-Up is a smart way to avoid costly “mid season” repairs. Even better: Enroll in our Comfort Club and you will receive automatic reminders for your seasonal maintenance.

So Simple It’s Funny. The easiest maintenance precaution is changing filters. Simply pop off the cover, slide out the old filter and slide in the new one. (Unless you have a ‘media or electronic air filter’). We do this during seasonal tune ups, but you can do it in-between times for more peace-of-mind. Saves energy dollars too.