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Awards from Angie's List!

Referral Bonus Program

EARN CASH REWARDS – and this doesn’t cost you a penny!!

In our business, we go into people’s homes all day, every day, solving comfort problems. This is not only our business, it’s our pleasure! It’s what we’re skilled and trained to do. For that, we THANK YOU greatly for the trust you’ve placed in us. It is you, and others like you who make our job a joy. But you know what’s not a joy?

It’s spending a pile of money on advertising, and getting a bunch of calls from outside our service area or calls from someone who thought we did "hair conditioning"… or maybe NO calls. All of these waste the ad money. Big deal, huh? Well it is a big deal, to you, because the really, really bad news: YOU PAID FOR PART OF THE AD

SIMPLE AS 1, 2, 3: (or the three R’s)

  • REFER a customer (the person you refer needs to tell us you referred them – VERY IMPORTANT!)
  • Get a cash REWARD
  • REPEAT as often as desired, IRS taxes may apply if you earn more than $599/year (but then I’d probably offer you a position as sales manager!!)

Remember, your kindness is not only returned in our “thanks”, but to your friend who gets the “family” treatment. And we don’t have to waste that ad money! Sounds like a good thing all around.