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Get Trendy, Eye Appealing Appliances Without Dropping Large Bills!

Tired of looking at your same old boring appliances…

but don’t have the cash to buy all new ones? There may be a solution! You can keep your current appliances while giving your kitchen and/or laundry room a face lift, even when working with a tight budget, and it’s a “Green” alternative! If you’d like to change the look of your kitchen, but the price tag for a new stove, fridge, even dishwasher is too high; now you have options other than throwing the less appealing ones away… From a new paint job to an integrated overlay, this will brighten your kitchen and make you feel more at peace each time you walk in the room. Get the most value out of your appliances. Just because they look a bit out of date, doesn’t mean you need to throw them away!


Specialty appliance paints, paints designed for plastic, and heat-resistant paints can help you create a fresh look for a low cost. This is a do-it-yourself project that can be a bit time consuming, but so worth it. For a low price you can create whatever design strikes your attitude and personality. If you want a pink dishwasher or bright red refrigerator, now you can have them. Painting your own appliances will ensure that everything matches when you’re done. Appliance paints are available in both brush on and spray on varieties. Brush paint is for smaller projects such as a microwave as opposed to the spray paint which you would want for your refrigerator. Just make sure you don’t use regular acrylic or enamel paint on appliances. It won’t bond and you’ll just end up with a huge mess on your hands. Literally! BE sure to research before you start for helpful hints on prep, and removal of viable parts of your appliances before starting. Remember the saying: “less is more”? Same applies here. Avoid applying paint in a thick layer; thinner is better. This can be a cheap fix, but if rushed; rather than your appliances getting a face lift, it could look more like a kitchen massacre!!! Like any job, time and patience will make all the difference.

Peel-and-stick films: 

Want to give the appliances a designer touch? If you don’t want to take the time or invest the money in a replacement panel for your appliance, here is a creative, yet less painful way to do it. Peel-and-stick you can do yourself in very little time and does not require the use of tools and you cover a standard sized refrigerator for under $100! Pick from custom colors to copper or even stainless. Your dream kitchen and/or laundry room is now within reach. It usually comes in a roll and can be cut with scissors or a craft knife. Best part of all, when you get tired of the look, or decide you liked it better the original way, you can heat the finish slightly and pull it off. Clean your appliance with soap and water and your back to the way it looked before it was covered. With Peel-and-stick you can even cover the sides of your stove and microwave because they can tolerate temperatures up to about 120º. You can also use this stuff to cover countertops and backsplashes. One downside to the product, it isn’t completely indestructible, but then, what is? Just be sure to read the manufacturer’s labels before you start covering everything in sight.

By Lori Briece





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