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Money Saving Tips with NO-COST SOLUTIONS

Money Saving Tips with NO-COST SOLUTIONS

  1. Unplug battery chargers for power tools, mobile phones, laptops and other devices when not in use.
  2. Use a Kill A Watt® energy monitor to see where you can cut your electricity use further—some libraries have Kill A Watts available for check out.
  3. Turn off lights when not needed.
  4. Use a countertop convection, microwave or smaller electric appliance, instead of a full-size stove whenever possible.
  5. Turn down the thermostat to 65–68 degrees during the day and 58–60 degrees at night during cooler months. If you have a heat pump, turn the thermostat down no more than 10 degrees at night.
  6. Wash and rinse laundry with cold water. To save more energy and water, run full loads.
  7. Use the water-saver washing and energy-saver drying options on your dishwasher.
  8. Check to make sure refrigerator and freezer gaskets seal tightly.
  9. Clean lint filters after drying each load of clothes.
  10. Close fireplace and wood stove dampers when not in use, but wait until several hours after the fire is out and the ashes are cold.



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