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Halloween Safety For Kids and Teens

Kids love Halloween! They get to dress up and get free candy, what more could they ask for! How about safety on this night of fun? With all the excitement, “common sense” is not always the first thought in their minds. Remind them to be careful and go over some of the simple things that they should know and use every day in life. They think they know everything, but nobody ever got hurt from getting told something they already knew…

Never, ever go into a stranger’s house! Don’t even ring their door for treats unless your parents are with you and/or within sight when trick-or-treating. If your kids are older or young teens, and going out with friends, make sure they tell you, the parent, where they are going and who they are going with. They might think you are being a pain, but just remind them you love them and just want them to be safe.

Check your children’s candy before they eat it. If it’s been opened or is opened, through it away! Never allow them to eat “homemade” products. You just never know! If you question a piece, chuck it! They won’t notice one less piece amongst their pile of goodies.
Look both ways and be careful when crossing a street. Hold hands until you get all the way across the street. If the street has a stop light, make sure to use the crosswalk. Even when the sign tells you to cross, still check both ways before you cross!

If they can drive and are taking a bunch of friends to a party, make sure that they have enough gas to get there and back. You don’t want them to run out on a dark street and be all alone.
Get an address of where they will be, and phone numbers where they can be reached. Give them a curfew and make sure they abide by it. If they are running late, remind them they need to call. A fun night can turn bad quickly. The more you know the better chance you have of keeping them safe.

Vandalism is not cool! “Egging” may seem fun at the time, but think about how you would feel if someone did that to your house. What kind of mess it makes, and who has to clean it up. Nobody “expects” to get caught, but they do. That owner of the car or of that house, if nice, will only make them clean the mess. Did you know that throwing eggs at cars and houses is considered vandalism? Your child gets caught they could get arrested and punished as a juvenile. (And they do get caught!) Causing harm to animals is never acceptable behavior! It is illegal in most places to hurt or torture animals and punishable by law. You should never hurt a helpless living thing.

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